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Who we are

Security Brokers was founded in 2012, from a national and international team of specialists, with a mission to develop innovative solutions to the problems of ICT and Cyber Security Defense that are highly critical and strategic for its customers.

Thanks to the know-how and expertise of our more than 20 partners, bringing together more than 15 years of worldwide experience in all areas of ICT Security and Cyber Defense, we can provide more than 300 years in experience and references at the highest levels.

Security Brokers is a boutique advisory and information security solutions, consisting of an elite team that includes several Ethical Hackers, researchers in the field of ICT Security, strategists, top-level experts in the field of Information Security, ICT regulations and issues of GRC .

The integration of computerization in every aspect of professional and personal life and its increasingly competitive global markets, is forcing companies, organizations, governments and individuals to seek solutions and professionals to protect critical systems and infrastructure that keep safe one of the most valuable capital: the information.

Security Brokers is on the market with an intervention model that can address the issue of Cyber Defense from all points of view and to develop ad hoc security services for different needs: the best customized solution - specialist, services, products - the best market conditions.

Modus Operandi

The modus operandi of Security Brokers allows you to focus on the objectives and intervention needs by offering security solutions adapted to anticipate the quantitative and qualitative evolution of the threats and to prevent as far as possible consequent risks.

An innovative corporate form for the Italian market, an international network of professionals and multidisciplinary are the basic elements of the organizational model built on a streamlined, open and informal facilitating the relationship both internally and externally, to customers and partners technology.

Security Brokers can count on the best experts of ICT Security, Information Security, Compliance, ICT Law, Education, Ethical Hacking, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Communication that involves the pooling, in every project, skills and specific know-how: all freelancers and independent companies that act as a single entity because they share values, objectives, mutual respect and esteem.




Design, development and delivery of high quality services.



New and multidisciplinary solutions that anticipate the times, create added value and protection for your customers.



Fairness and transparency towards the customer and towards professionals working internally.



The services are designed to have the least possible impact on both the processes and activities of customers, both on the economic aspect. Being responsible also means working in an agile, fast and discreet.

Meet the team

Whether you’re building a welcome mat for your SaaS or a clean, corporate portfolio, Stack has your design needs covered.

Raoul Chiesa
Founder & President
Selene Giupponi
Co-Founder & Digital Forensics
Tizio Caio
Chief of Operations

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